Thinkers360 2022 Predictions about Cybersecurity with Netzpalavers Editor in Chief

What are your predictions for Cybersecurity in 2022? We asked a selection of our Thinkers360 global thought leaders and influencers about their predictions for Cybersecurity in 2022. Here’s what they told us…


„It is well known that cyberattacks, especially phishing, increase exorbitantly around Black Friday. Experts estimate that this year the flood of attacks on online retailers will surge by around 30 percent. If you fall victim to a ransomware attack, you will have lost your Christmas boom. In 2022, every day is Black Friday. Because cybercriminals and even more cybergangs will promote and, above all, market their successes as Ransomware-as-a-Service – with extensive support, so that thousands and
thousands of criminal freeloaders will jump on board to participate in the lucrative business from cyberspace nirvana. While large corporations may still be able to protect themselves and their supply chains, things look red hot for SMBs: Red alert. This has not only already been proclaimed by the German BSI, the Federal Office for Security, but is unfortunately also a constant topic of conversation at the virtual regulars‘ tables of consultant and fellow influencer Dr. ir. Johannes Drooghaag, which Netzpalaver regularly hosts with him and whose findings are also included in Netzpalaver’s 101 videocast series. In short 2022 will be a scary year for SMBs – technology vendors, managed security providers and last but not least politicians are challenged – not only to put a stop to the nation-state actors, but above all to protect the basis of their economy – the SMBs.“
Ralf Ladner, Editor in Chief, Managing Director at CES, Netzpalaver

Info: Thinkers360 also asked 10 other thought leaders and influencers about their cybersecurity predictions in 2022.

  • Matthew Rosenquist, Chief Information Security Officer at Eclipz
  • Chuck Brooks, President at Brooks Consulting International
  • Mark Lynd, Head of Digital Business at Netsync
  • Johannes Drooghaag, Founder & CEO at Spearhead Management
  • Carol Lee, Program Director at ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter
  • Avrohom Gottheil, Founder at #AskTheCEO Media
  • Vladimer Botsvadze, CEO at Botsvadze Marketing Solutions
  • Kayne McGladrey, Practice Leader of Strategy & GRC at Ascent Solutions
  • Rob May, Managing Director at ramsac
  • Alex Sharpe, Principal at Sharpe Management Consulting LLC

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